Regulatory Compliance

Let us work with you to determine the highest and best use of your property, and to determine if doing so is feasible.



Regulatory Compliance


Let us work with you to determine the highest and best use of your property, and to determine if doing so is feasible.
  • Wealth Creation, for instance, can be accomplished by developing an agricultural tract into a Shopping Center or an RV, Boat, or Mini-Warehouse storage property increases the property’s value.

  • Due Diligence studies before purchasing property determines the feasibility of sometimes unforeseen and costly issues, such as for example entrance and road issues, rock and soil and topographical grading and fill problems, storm drainage and required detention ponds, problematic easements on the property, access to and the expense of water and wastewater systems, fire suppression requirements, access to other utilities, and deed restrictions and governmental construction requirements.

  • Platting and Zoning property through the City or the County will increase the value of your property.

  • Completing various studies and plans, such as grading, storm drainage, TxDOT highway entrances, interior roads, fire suppression and utilities engineering, soil analysis, environmental studies, and traffic studies further enhances land values.

  • A Conceptual Site Plan with Building Elevations can be generated by Gran Country, LLC along with estimated development and construction costs and a projected Income Pro Forma to first determine the feasibility of purchasing land and secondly to determine the feasibility of following through with the envisioned project.

  • Development and Construction Project Management, detailed in the Land Developers section.



Developers and Projects

For our regulatory and procedural expertise and our long-standing, governmental contacts and working relationships, particularly with City and County officials, Land Developers and Project Owners frequently hire Gran Country, LLC as an independent contractor to represent them as their face to the City Planning and Zoning Staff, the City Council and to the County Development and Departmental Directors and to the County Commissioners Court, as well as to State agencies, such as TxDOT and TCEQ. Many Developers and Owners like the convenience of not having to deal with the various governmental bodies and the detailed applications and presentations to obtain approvals.

Similarly, many Land Developers and Project Owners prefer that Gran Country, LLC negotiate, contract with, and supervise for compliance the work of the Land Development team of professionals, including surveyors, engineers, architects, appraisers, attorneys, accountants, insurance underwriters, other specialists (as needed), lenders, road and utility contractors, building contractors and various sub-contractors.

We work as independent consultants, with quoted, fixed fees. Gran Country, LLC will work on your choice of “A la Carte” services or serve as your “Full service Quarterback” to accomplish your goals and solve problems, with high priority emphasis on quality and cost control to maximize the project’s profit potential.

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