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  Surround yourself with a team of professionals...


You Are the Boss!

“A la Carte” or as your “Full service Quarterback” – Surround yourself with your choice of an experienced team of professionals, coordinated by Gran Country, LLC, including surveyors, engineers, architects, appraisers, attorneys, accountants, insurance underwriters, other specialists (as needed), and lenders.

We will work with your existing professionals;

and from our extensive resources of qualified professionals, we will recommend those required for your project in each other professional discipline, followed by our recommendations of qualified contractors and subcontractors. As directed and supervised by you, we will negotiate and enforce the contracts with the team of professionals, contractors and subcontractors, with an emphasis on quality work and cost control to maximize your project’s profit potential.

You always have a choice of the services we offer;

and, you will always maintain control of all the critical decisions, including:

  • Real Estate purchases
  • Property and Project Feasibility Due Diligence
  • Development and Construction Concepts
  • Project Budgets and Pro Forma Projections
  • Owner Pre-approval of all Costs
  • AutoCAD Site Plan and Design
  • AutoCAD Structural Building(s) & Amenities Design in concert with Architects, as desired
  • Platting, Zoning, Variances, Highway Entrances and Signage, Roadways, Access & Utility Easements, Building Set-backs, Building Design & Materials, Parking, Fire & Safety and ADA compliance, and all other required Regulatory Approvals and Compliance
  • Environmental and Traffic Studies, Soil Analysis, Community Water and Wastewater or Water Wells and Septic Systems design and installation
  • Building(s) Footprint and Site Selection
  • Land Development (Grading, Storm Drainage, Entries & Exits, Roads, Utilities, Fencing & Gates)
  • Design of Homeowners Association and Protective Covenants & Restrictions, or Deed Restrictions for Commercial Properties
  • Construction Management
  • Management of the Subdivision’s Homeowners Association
  • Leasing and Management of Commercial Facilities

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