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Let the professionals and affiliates at Gran Country, LLC assist as your Project Quarterback or with your choice of A la Carte consulting services. Are you starting a new business or moving your business to the Granbury area? Or, are you expanding your business on your present location or planning to build new facilities on a new location? Let us analyze your facilities needs and offer a plan to work with you, beginning with a Land Feasibility Study, and continuing through the Autocad Site and Building Design and Project Budget Analysis. If the Project is a “Go” at that point, Gran Country, LLC will manage the selected surveyors, engineers and other required professionals in representing you through the Platting and Zoning Regulatory Approval stages.

Note in the “How We Work” section of this Website a summary of the responsibilities we accept and the steps we take through land development and building construction as we gain issuance of your Building Permits for approval of the architectural design and building materials for your new or expanded facilities. We offer to serve as your Land Development and Construction Project Manager or alternatively as the Regulatory Compliance Manager to gain your Certificate of Occupancy.

As directed and supervised by you, we can save you time and money by bidding, negotiating and enforcing all contracts with the team of professionals, including surveyors and engineers, architects, appraisers, attorneys, accountants, insurance underwriters, other specialists (as needed), lenders, land development and utilities contractors and subcontractors, and construction contractors and subcontractors. Our commitment is to achieve your facilities goals while emphasizing quality work and cost control. You will always be maintained in control of all costs and critical decisions.



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