Good banking is the heart and soul of achieving the American dream



Good banking is the heart and soul of achieving the American dream, both in business and in our personal lives. Gran Country, LLC is already working with banks (1) to assist their real estate customers with regulatory issues, and with Real Estate Project Design, Land Development, Construction and Property Management; and (2) to bring investors to the table for substantially discounted “Short Sale” and “Foreclosure” Note and Property purchases.

Whether the bank’s so-called” troubled assets” have arrived at this point because of the country’s troubled economy, tighter lending restrictions, or because of inadequate borrower capitalization or borrower mismanagement, for instance, the fact is that many of these properties (underlying security of existing Notes and foreclosed properties) were well conceived and currently have substantial equities, with a very large upside potential for investors who are willing to do what is necessary to make these purchases, and in many cases to complete the development or remodel and otherwise upgrade the property, but especially to hold the property for a reasonable period of time as the economy heals and the market rebounds.

Gran Country, LLC, on behalf of our clients, welcome the opportunity to analyze the feasibility of purchasing Short Sale and Foreclosure Notes and Properties from banks (at no cost to the bank). We pledge confidentiality as may be required by individual banks



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